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Buying a house on Cape Cod is a dream come true. Whether you’re purchasing a second-home, vacation-home, investment property, or are living here full-time, the Cape is a magical place to be. Combining incredible natural scenery, it’s filled with a unique culture of outdoor activities, the arts, and history along the fifteen quaint towns that make up this 35 mile long paradise. It’s a wonderful day when you walk into your new Cape Cod house.

However, the waterside living, historic towns, and conservation efforts that make Cape Cod so alluring are accompanied by a labyrinth of regulations that you need to know when buying a home here. Flood zones, wetlands, building restrictions, changes in rental regulations, and septic requirements are just a few things to consider. As your agent, this is part of the service I provide and I enjoy the research required to learn about a property. My background and passion for real estate have made this one of my core strengths and I have cultivated a network of experts I can consult.

Buying a property is a big deal, involving serious assets and myriad decisions, and each transaction is different. I enjoy the challenge of putting the pieces together, helping clients be successful while also protecting their interests. I have a clear, step-by-step process to make this effective and enjoyable.

It’s important as a buyer that you have someone representing you who is not also representing the seller. When you choose me to be your agent, it costs you nothing, and you get an advocate who knows the market and has your back.

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